Fitness, Bodywork, and Nutrition with Alex Frigino BA CMT

” Massages huh? My calf has been hurting for years now. What can you do? “ Before I am able to set down my coffee his boxing coach says: “Hey you should talk to Alex!”

It’s seven am. I guess I am starting early.  How can I remind friends to schedule appointments well ahead of time?

“Permission to test muscle response?”  He says: “Ok.” We stand. The heavyweight contender towers above me like the far summit of a Tongan caldera.

“Go for it.” he says. “You can’t hurt me.”  I reassure him that I intend no harm and please let me know when we locate the  spot that turns the pain off.

  • we muscle test the hamstrings
  • the quadriceps
  • the gastrocnemius

“THERE! ” He confirms that we have located the primary myofascial trigger point. I ask for additional feedback while I make a few minor corrections to the angle of my force vector.

I predict the pain will tap out in forty seconds. The donut shop parking lot is just now starting to see a few more cars.  We are already done.

How long does it take to neutralize myofascial pain? As long as necessary.