Fitness, Bodywork, and Nutrition with Alex Frigino BA CMT

” Massage Therapy? My calf has been hurting for a decade. What can you do? “ Faster than I am able to set down my coffee cup the boxer’s coach says: “Hey man you should talk to Alex.”

While it is true that I study pain it is now only seven am. Guess I am starting class early today.  How can I get friends to schedule online?

“Permission to test muscle response?”  He says: “Sure.” We stand up. The heavyweight contender towers above like the summit of a giant caldera.

“Go for it.” he says. “You can’t hurt me.”  I acknowledge this to be true. I am sworn to Hippocrates and intend no harm. The courage to ask a fearsome warrior to elicit an aggravating symptom? I know kungfu and anatomy yet even a mouse can remove thorns from a lion.

When working with myofascial trigger point pain it is important to be very steady, extremely gentle, dead serious, and openly jovial. Yes like it ain’t no big deal. It is ok to smile and joke. Why? Pain is not fun.

Enlighten the process is the ideal modus operandum.

I say please let me know when we both can concur that this is

  1. the location of the primary spot. The one that hurts the most, upon contact?
  2. the secondary spot, the one that hurts the most with movement?
  3. the tertiary spot that sedates that pain entirely or at least makes it feel way better?

Muscle testing

  • muscle test the directly involved system and related structures.

“There! ” He confirms that we have located the pain point. The Soleus muscle in his calf is weak on testing and painful on contact.

There is no known history of other trauma.

He confirms location and presentation –

“Whenever I run, boom, pain, right there.”

I am not allowed to diagnose nor even suspect it out loud but this is a blog. My guess post-facto is that what presents here is public pain enemy numero uno…

Active Myofascial Trigger Point

Every parent has this level of basic medical clearance yet little knowledge of the resolution process. Misdiagnosed to the tune of trillions lost in missed time from work. Want to improve the economy for real? Thanks for reading on…

I explain that the little sensors that sit between muscle and tendon negotiate postural calibration, the tone of your musculoskeletal-skeletal system’s anti-gravity response. “All they need is TLC – to be massaged a tad, so they can restore, re-set.

What does it mean to effect a proprioceptor reset? A minute of your time and a person or wall to push on.

Muscles, like say the Soleus, they do no work in isolation. When I stand, the keep me from falling forward. flat on face or unto an opponent’s fist. So it’s a synergistic full effort that multiplies forces across many tensile and load bearing structures. It will not do at all to have offline sensors, now will it?

I quietly predict that the myofascial trigger point will tap out in forty seconds. The parking lot at the donut shop is just now starting to see more business. Show already over. We are good to go. And the coffee is still warm.

How long does it take to neutralize myofascial pain? As long as necessary.