Alex Frigino BA CMT

How long does it take to neutralize myofascial pain? As long as necessary.

Really it just depends. I have been doing bodywork for twenty years and that is my best guess. Results vary from person to person.

When a symptom is chronic we often find that there is some secondary process running quietly in the background noise. Unawares of its doings, we may discover it sustains symptomatic continuity.

People often get upset, mostly at themselves, sometimes at me, in that instance of self-awakening. They must be reassured that humans naturally deal with pain, stress, and trauma with some degree of dis-association. Our endogenous opiates guarantee we will tune out a bit.

Moshe Feldenkrais, the famous engineer, somatic therapist, and judo expert deemed such obfuscation as the work of “the idiot within”. Yet we are clearly much more than the patterned and reflexive automaton designed to allow our social selves to do their thing unfettered by stress and pain.

After all, who wants to dwell on inspiration and expiration unless it has to do with art or canned goods?

When we rely on automaticity of any sort to see us through the daily grind  there may be a benefit of “getting to friday” but at what cost to our vitality?

Active background processes like mental fermentations and unconscious body language wear down the proverbial battery. Although I may get primary tasks accomplished it feels like the job is wearing me down. This is somatic depression.

When dissociation and disembodiment are present we will feel slightly removed and a little inauthentic almost in all circumstances, especially those  where we cannot rely on our auto pilot. No better way to reset than by cultivating a somatic practice.

This self-work is the original hero’s journey to the inner undiscovered country. The path is one that leads us to sense the body from within, as pilot, versus from without, as passenger.

We may choose to go within when we are no longer satisfied with ourselves as reductive object, tool, vehicle, or narrative. We embark on this path most readily when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change.

The body is designed to return efficiently to homeostasis. The mind is trickier. It has a life of its own does it not? It must likewise be returned to its proper hierarchical position as advisor, not absolute ruler, of the inner ecosystem.

When pain or stress lingers and I have tried conventional medicine? Now it is good to get a third opinion and a somatic perspective.

When the obstacle to healing is an indelible part of our gestalt? Maybe we work together for ten years and perhaps the only sign of progress is that we show up like clockwork to acknowledge what is going right.

Alex Frigino BA CMT

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