Alex Frigino BA CMT

How long does it take to neutralize myofascial pain? As long as necessary.Really it just depends. As adults it takes a long time to learn a language. When it is body language, there is also a learning curve: kinesthetes learn faster. Audiovisual people may embody slower.

Then of course we have to allow for the forces at play in the phenomenal realm. This is why reassuring someone that pain relief is just around the corner is complicated.

I have witnessed decade-long myofascial trigger point pain disappear in less than a minute. A miracle? No. Just massage therapy.

I have also seen a similar pain in a similar person linger way longer than necessary.

The person who showed improvement was able to achieve fitness upon adopting anti-inflammatory diet. I am not a doctor so I can only describe it.

Being pain free is not necessarily a sign of fitness. It is just good karma. Fitness is having pain and then recovering fast.

Results vary from person to person because one main component of myofascial pain is always the ergonomic aspect: how am I contributing to the problem?