Got fitness?

old method, new school

I used to find exercise daunting but now my fitness is user friendly.

It is designed for going slowly over a long distance.

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Studies in unilateral disarmament and kitchen table kungfu.

Got stress?

This is called succumbing to the fight or flight response.

To reset the FFR

  • Breathe out

  • Move!

Breathwork and movement helps to metabolize the fight or flight hormones.

What kind of movement ?

  • running (in place)

  • swimming (in place)

  • flying in place (jumping jacks)

Yes even the speech act may be used to dispel nervous energy for it is far better to drop the gruyere than to lose the tail feathers.

Got brunch?

You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat." Pink FLoyd

Greens go well with proteins, fats, and carbs. I think of greens as my plate.

They contain everything I need to wrap a fish.

  • water

  • enzymes

  • vitamins

  • minerals

  • fibers

What diet features lots of veggies and competes well with a snack machine like me?

Paleo diet, it's a fine thing.

When I need to make every meal count towards better health, I think paleo and enjoy the fruit of the land.