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Welcome to my health and fitness blog. If you are seeking a licensed medical professional to support your journey toward a functional fitness of mind, body, and spirit then please be advised that I write as just a blogger and wellness cartoonist. I am not a primary care practitioner. This is not medical advice. Just my thoughts and sketches on the #anatomy of pain and stress.

Vitruvian manequin inside of kinesphere with caption that reads: Da Vinci's code is no big secret...to a Vitruvian man. The image introduces the LMA spatial concept that I use frequently as I discuss functional anatomy and personal ergonomics.

I wish to invite more therapeutic creative thinking about idiopathic problems and I will show and tell about how I have re-framed mine into growth opportunities. Here are some of the key topics that I would  like to help my readers to feel better about through my case model:

  • pain management
  • stress relief
  • body image
  • strength
  • agility
  • co-ordination
  • balance
  • speed
  • endurance
  • flow

And of course my favorite topic: what’s for lunch? ie. Food. Yes I love food (I’m an Italian ex-fat guy who grew up immersed in food lore. Perhaps in another life I may have opted to become a pastry chef or even spent happy days tending a wood-burning stove. Not this time around.

As a student of life I consider this plane of existence like the Tibetan Buddhists: ie. the Bardo of One Eats Another. I do feel it is our destiny to be fully part of the food chain. No matter your dietary choices, I think it takes a lot of courage to be here and I treat the concept of nutrition quite seriously.

Believe me, there is NO way to eat ourselves out of the human condition but there is the serious risk that the unbridled human appetite will cause grave suffering, both for our health and that of the rest of the species on this planet.

Most humans beings consume/eat way too much for their own good. I have done my fair share of gluttonous action in past but now that my blood sugar fluctuations are stable, much less so. I will blog about how I went from a see-food diet to being mostly…

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Grain Free
  • Organic 
  • No-GMO
  • Grown Local
  • and mostly on what is called The Paleo Diet.

The only thing I dislike about a kitchen is washing the dishes. This is just another good reason to eat more raw food.  I plan to blog often about cleaning and tidying things up after the party is over. Why? Because food, like fitness, is best viewed from the restorative angle. No constructive rest means no work capacity, and the vital play function will also be underfunded.  We must learn to deal with the aftermath of things…

To discover a functional or staple diet that works uniquely well for my peculiar metabolism I must learn how to be very selective. Can’t just grab stuff on the fly when I’m hungry. This will set me up to be manipulated by the vagaries of my appetites.  A lot of needless pain and stress is suffered by unhealthy nutritional choices. Hey I almost forgot to ask: anyone else like superfood?

Papaya is a superfood in so many ways: it is rich in vitamins and minerals and enzymes. Plus it tastes fantastic. Make sure to include Papaya in your Paleo diet or any diet for that matter but watch out not to eat too much as it is sweet and the proteolytic enzymes are powerful! Start with a little to test tolerance. Also beware if you have latex allergy as the skin wil ooze a similar sap when cut.

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  • paleo diet
  • mediterranean diet
  • airline stewardess diet
  • eskimo diet
  • amazonian diet
  • bedouin diet
  • masai diet
  • standard american diet
  • and more!

I am also quite fascinated by concepts like: is Chicago style really better than New York pizza? And lastly, as a passionate environmentalist and permaculture student I will speak about food viz. the environment. For example:

  • how to find healthy ways to enjoy seafood in the time of ocean acidification and over-fishing
  • How to grow food forests and not lawnscapes
  • Why gardening is a revolutionary act  that saves money, improve health, and lessens carbon footprint.

I also like to blog about  bodywork because a great program of self-care really helps myofascial pain to go away.  I have researched a dozen plus of the top #althealth modalities with a goal to discovering their strengths and limitations.

Speaking of likes, here are some of the modalities that I appreciate and will blog about in my posts:

  • massage therapy
  • rolfing / structural integration
  • myofascial release
  • craniosacral therapy
  • shiatsu
  • tui-na
  • thai massage
  • abhyangam /ayurvedic massage
  • acupressure
  • tragerwork
  • specialized / applied kinesiology
  • chiropractic
  • acupuncture
  • homeopathy
  • naturopathy etc…

The proper mindset is essential for this patient and therapist otherwise I risk becoming an expert in confirmation bias versus a pro blogger at uncovering the truth. This is why I have spent my therapeutic career studying and testing to see what works and is in keeping with Hippocratic principles of therapeutic best practice.

I have no access to any advanced technology beyond the internet, observation with all my senses, and a dose of medical intuition to parse the evidence. My posts are inspired by my own experiences as a bodywork and fitness professional as well as myofascial pain patient. I will share anecdotal reports of my victories and setbacks interspersed by other stories that are inspired by my actual clients.

NB:  I do NOT under any circumstance recommend self-treatment for serious or life-threatening injury. Unless you have no other option, are up some creek without a paddle, and the current is against you. Hopefully you will have with you a mobile app and wifi and can read my blog to help you escape from entropy and boredom.

I have heard it said that if one wishes to learn something better it is good to try to explain what is known of it already. This is what I am setting out to do.  Before I blogged, I worked in person with clients of all ages and fitness levels. I asked detailed questions and did my best to practice reflective listening. Each and every person taught me something therapeutically invaluable. Hopefully I will be able to blog something useful back. I am very grateful. Without your support, this blog would not be possible.

Thank you for likes. shares, and comments.

Alex Frigino BA CMT – Houston, Texas