Got Stress?


The relaxation response likes it.

To reset and/or recover the steady state

  1. actively breathe out (exhale) on contact with the stressor.

  2. relax (passively breathe in) and let the air return.

Repeat as necessary and may the force breathe with you.

Got brunch?

You can't have any pudding if you don't eat your meat." Pink FLoyd

Greens go well with proteins. Greens are the plate. The vegetals contain everything I need to wrap a fish.

  • water

  • enzymes

  • vitamins

  • minerals

  • fibers

To defeat carbohydrate addiction

Paleo diet.

If I knew another solution I would be writing a blog about it.

With paleo diet I migrated from sporting a wheat belly to showing primal lifestyle abs.

With very low effort.

More fat, less sugar.

Nutritional opportunism

What diet competes well with a snack machine like me?

Paleo diet, it's a fine thing.

Make every meal count towards better health.

Think nutrient density and enjoy the fruit of the land.

Organic Spa Facial

A food-grade natural skin care recipe from the earth and sea. Link coming soon.

Personal Ergonomics

New methods from the old school.

Studies in unilateral disarmament and kitchen table kungfu.

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