Citric Acid Makes Water More Palatable

#citricacid ✨ this #dehydration fix is my numero uno recommendation for clients with water aversion.

What’s that you say? It is the dislike of water such that any alternative is preferable.

An intermediate in the #Krebs this is a lot more than just cheap #food #preservative.
  • In vivo studies in animal model shows it strongly protects #brain and #liver

NB with citric acid supplementation always less is more as too much may be pro inflammatory.

Consider this if you eat processed foods. Of course if you do then you have other worries.

Whole Foods Offer A Viable Substitute

Good food is good for the whole system. Not just for the thinker, the palate, the gut.

The thinker may think: “oh yeah! Now if I have donuts I can get a dopamine hit.”

Maybe I can reinterpret the communique? Maybe it means to say: “low blood sugar alert. You better get some carbohydrates.”

So maybe I offer a substitute. Not a placebo, a healthy alternative.

Then I wait and see if the bodymind accepts it.

No protest? On target.