Blessings, Offerings, Prayers

May all beings be free, may they be well, may they be happy. May they experience peace, safety, and joy.

May my sincere and humble intent to serve the internet’s public health space with the good news of the Dharma be empowered by my gratefulness for the healing wish granted me. I hereby dedicate this blog to the health of you who now read this.

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homage-to-mahakala-wm-72_uuuisn.jpg (715×960) To Mahakala by Tashi Mannox – calligraphy artist. Click here to visit her fine art print store online.

Salutations, offerings, prayers…and a few preliminaries: may the Buddha Dharma keep oozing into pop culture. From podcast devices to water filters and automotive devices, the word “zen” has spread far and wide.

What is zen? I have no idea. And I am willing to find out. How about you?