Top Five Nutrition Strategies For A Healthy Diet

Who else would just rather live on super foods?

People have extremely valid reasons for feeling trapped in the Standard American Diet. The problem is what to do when one cannot avoid its omnipresence on the menu? This is what I have learned in a lifetime of observing my own responses to the ubiquitous junk food: game over, I am doomed.

Cake is just too good.

Just kidding. And yet it is true. It is somewhat of a double bind and yet even to this conundrum there is a remedy. Actually a few…

Papaya is a superfood in so many ways: it is rich in vitamins and minerals and enzymes. I think it tastes fantastic. Make sure to include Papaya in your Paleo diet (or any diet for that matter) but watch out not to eat too much as it is sweet. Also the proteolytic enzymes are powerful! Start with a little to test tolerance. And beware if you have latex allergy as the skin will ooze a similar sap when cut.

These are my top five+ “ingredients” for a healthy diet:

  • never shop when hungry
  • study your gut’s true calling, plan ahead, and make a shopping list
  • choose food that is organic, fresh, and in season
  • support your local organic farmer, avoid financing climate deniers, and resist the genetic modifiers.
  • learn to identify and avoid your allergens

And , special bonus tip, this esoteric nutritional advice:

Forego the audio-visual channels when deciding how to compose a meal. It is not how it looks or sounds that makes it ultimately nourishing but how it makes you feel. And even the latter can be misleading. More on that later. What works for me is to tune-in to the kinesthetic channel in order to understand what my body needs at the deep level, not just the surface craving.

ie. yes I  use nutrition data but then I check with my intuition to discern what the body needs. I do not allow mental imagery nor internal dialogue to sway me as advertisers would have it.

Remember: as you begin to select better fuel there will always be distracting background noise ie. cravings and opportunistic enticements. This is too be expected but the body does not lie. Trust it and listen closely!