Fitness Basics When You Don’t Got Squat To Stand On

One fundamental movement skill to take with me to a desert island? The boss of all lower-body exercise is the knee-bend and it’s southern cousin, the squat. These basic movement skills are also core fitness strengtheners which prevents all manner of evil pain from occurring.

  • back pain
  • constipation
  • falling accidents
  • weak posture
  • low libido
  • incontinence
  • hip and knee injuries

Knee bends and squats: these are like a basic child’s play movement and yet the benefit of these movements are lost to many adults due to:

Setting the gluteus maximus upon a support structure that is not your own two feet and legs.

  •  chairs
  •  sofas
  • benches
  • bar stools
  • recliners

Sitting facilitation devices (aka furniture) are the main culprits in the progressive weakening of the most powerful muscles in the human body.

I exclude the floor. The floor can be used to sit on but it is definitely NOT a chair.

  • the floor is your friend
  • the floor is good for fitness
  • the floor does not lie

Just getting to the floor from standing is an excellent fine-motor and gross-motor neuromuscular fitness challenge. Rising from seated is also very good. Up and down. Essential vertical functions for a species that relied on ground nuts, fruit, berries, insects, and vegetation for much of its paleo diet.

That is why squats and knee bends are really really good functional work.

 If you have lost access to ergonomic means of ground-engagement then you must NOT try to regain it all at once – lest ye be injured. If it has been a long while since you were a tensile toddler, I suggest that you slowly work your movement repertory until you are strong in the quadrupedal posture, as per my other post.