Save Time And Money With Paleo Diet

One of the benefits of paleo diet is that it teaches me to appreciate the time management aspects of slow food.

  • Good food takes time to grow
  • time to prepare
  • time to savour

No hurries, no worries. This is a good modus operandi when working the slow food recipe.

Linear time is an artificial constraint. Meal times should be opportunities to reset the clock to natural circardian biorhythms. Humans live life in a hurry and everybody seems to be going places…

  • “On the double!”
  • “No time to waste!”
  • “Time is money!”

And yet we must break for lunch. Can we suitably pause for a meal if we bring to the table a belly full of stress? Not really.

  • We may not chew toroughly
  • we may swallow a bunch of air
  • and we certainly will not digest optimally

Proper digestion requires relaxation. Relaxation requires the para-sympathetic system to be active. We cannot access this autonomic mode under duress.

  • time constraints
  • fear of penalties
  • multi-tasking

Technology has modified almost all chronological processes and can interfere with the Circardian Clock.

  • Artificial lighting
  • Birth control pills
  • Sleep medication
  • Stimulants and depressants

While technological advances have made life more efficient what about health benefits?

We excel at expediting all manner of activities and yet have done very little to make our food consumption more efficient.

Meal times often feel the time crunch. Why is that? I blame work stress and eating on the run.

It is unfeasible to speed up the elements of the digestion process.

  • mechanical breakdown
  • chemical reduction
  • peristaltic mobilization

These actions require time. Efficiencies here occur with slowing down not speeding up. Eating cannot be rushed without a waste of energy.

Time management fails at the dinner table when we are not considering our meal time qualitatively. We only seem to be aware of what we eat more than how long we take to do it.

We are good at time management as it applies to work which in paleo diet terms is called: hunting and gathering.

  • working while eating
  • speaking while chewing
  • worrying while dining

Even lower animals exhibit a tad of common sense here. This is why lions hunt intensely then relax plenty.

You will always see the pride lazing about after a meal time. Not us. It’s back to the treadmill.

The word siesta is completely alien to most western culture.

Anthropocenes seem to think we can just keep going and going without rest or recovery and not suffer the consequences.

Nutrition methods that are NOT useful

  • Eat on the run
  • Eat crap
  • Skip meals
  • Gobble vs chew

Here are some practical ways that can help to chronologically optimize the nutrition process.

  • plan the menu ahead of time
  • shop ahead of time
  • cook ahead of time
  • Consume smaller meals with greater frequency
  • Stack functions ie. hydration plus nutrition
  • eat paleo diet – many dishes here are raw, fresh, and not composite foods. These require little preparation time.

I like to obtain a significant part of my nutrition through liquids such as #bonebroth These are easy to prepare ahead of time and stay hot all day in a good thermos.

I use less water, gas, electricity, detergent, and energy when I do these things.

Another option is to remain a member of the Fast Food Diners Club.

But why do that? It is neither smart nor convenient to feel sick, bloated, and generally unwell. This will not do.

If you hire me as your Fitness Trainer I will be able to help only if we are both on the slow food page.

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