Why I Blog About Superfood and Health Recipes?

I am an ex-fat kid who grew up immersed in Mediterranean food lore as well as its rich sauces, gravies, ragus, patisserie creams, etc. Perhaps in another life I may have opted to become a pastry chef or even spent happy days tending a wood-burning stove. Not this time around. 

I consider this the realm of one eats another. It’s a Tibetan thing and I like those folks. I do feel it is my destiny to be fully part of the food chain. It takes a lot of courage to be on planet and I treat the concept of nutrition quite seriously.

While there is no way to eat ourselves out of the human condition, there is the serious risk that the unbridled human appetite will cause grave suffering, both for us and the rest of the species on this planet.

Most humans beings consume way too much of the wrong food for their own good. I have done my fair share of gluttonous action in past but now that my blood sugar fluctuations are stable, much less so. I will blog about how I went from a “see-food” diet to being mostly…

  • Gluten-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Grain Free
  • Organic 
  • No-GMO
  • Grown Local
  • and mostly on what is called The Paleo Diet.

I am also quite fascinated by cultural adaptations of food items: is Chicago pizza really better than New York style? And lastly, as a passionate environmentalist and permaculture student I will speak about food and the environment.

  • how to find healthy ways to enjoy seafood in the time of ocean acidification and over-fishing
  • How to grow food forests and not lawnscapes
  • Why gardening is a revolutionary act  that saves money, improve health, and lessens carbon footprint.

The only thing I dislike about a  food kitchen is washing the dishes. That aversion is just another good reason for me to eat more raw food.  I do plan to blog often about cleaning and tidying things up after the party is over because food, like fitness, is best viewed from the restorative angle.

The lack of a constructive recipe is a predictor of low-work capacity and the vital play function will tend to also be mal-nourished.  We must learn from the aftermath of our  foodismo and try to eat to live, not live to eat.

To discover a functional or staple diet that works uniquely well for my peculiar metabolism I must learn how to be:

  1. intuitive
  2. selective
  3. prepared

Can’t just grab stuff on the fly when I’m hungry. This will set me up to be manipulated by the vagaries of my appetites. Read my blog and it will help you avoid much needless pain and stress because of unhealthy nutritional choices.

Hey I almost forgot to ask: anyone else here really like superfood? Here is one of my favorites!

Papaya is a superfood in so many ways: it is rich in vitamins and minerals and enzymes. Plus it tastes fantastic. Make sure to include Papaya in your Paleo diet or any diet for that matter but watch out not to eat too much as it is sweet and the proteolytic enzymes are powerful! Start with a little to test tolerance. Also beware if you have latex allergy as the skin wil ooze a similar sap when cut.

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