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Nestled alongside the coast of San Francisco Bay and offering sweeping views of the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains, Mountain View is a wonderful city situated in Northern California.

The city of Mountain View can track its historic roots back to a simple stagecoach stop between San Francisco and San Jose in the late 1800’s. The city steadily grew while relying on agriculture and farm exports to sustain the local economy.

After World War II the area started to experience an influx of industry development in electronics and aerospace technologies. Even today, technology is the “talk of the town” and the city has the entrepreneurial spirit of young Americans to thank for its vibrant cultural perspective. Whether you are looking to start a massage business, or invest heavily in social-media apps, there is something for everybody in Mountain View, California.

Only 13 miles from San Jose which has been dubbed the “Capital of Silicon Valley”, people living here have access to the diverse natural wonder the state provides and are close to major economic and business centres such as Palo Alto which is only 6 miles away which is the actual birth-place of Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley is home to thousands of small-businesses, start-ups, huge corporations, and many other types of commercial enterprises. From small local companies providing massage, bodywork, and fitness services like Probodywork.com to huge business providing voice messaging like Skype this area is a melting pot for success.

There is an accelerating force of technology and innovation happening here and people from all over the country are drawn to the positive energy and free spirit.

There are plenty of ways to pass the time in the city. One of the most popular places to check out is the Computer History Museum. This museum works to preserve and display the artifacts and stories of the Information Age. Here you will see the Google Maps exhibit and Watson, the IBM computer who was a contestant in Jeopardy.

There is a lovely shopping and dining area downtown on Castro Street and it is nice to spend an evening walking around and taking in the city.

There are tons of locally owned shops and restaurants which all have something unique to offer. The people drawn here have created their own type of entrepreneurial based local competition which has done nothing but improve the city.

If you are looking for a more intimate experience in personal care, there are tons of options for spas, salons, gyms, fitness and beauty clinics.

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Whether you are looking to get your hair done or you just want to unwind after a long week with the kids by getting a massage, there are a variety of personal care activities you can participate in just nearby.

For those interested in nature the city is located less than an hour from a handful of state and county parks, open space preserves, refuges, and beaches. It is almost too easy to get lost wandering through the natural landscapes that dot the area. People living here have beautiful views of the Santa Cruz Mountains which are part of the Pacific Coast Ranges.

Some of the best wine, not only in California but in the world, is produced here along this range and there are winemakers which can trace their local heritage back to the mid 1800’s. One particular favorite of ours located in nearby Saratoga is the Mountain Winery revered by music fans worldwide for its fabulous concert series!

Easy to access is the Portola Redwoods County Park. Here you will find some of the famous Redwood trees as well as Tip Toe Falls, a small waterfall that can be accessed by a short hike. There is also a small campground located in the park. Even taking a drive around the city provides stunning views and a great chance to see wildlife.

Many people drive a loop through the surrounding mountains along Highway 35. This highway is known as “Skyline Boulevard” and follows the mountain range on the San Francisco peninsula. In the Parks and Preserves along this route such as the Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve you can find hundreds of hiking trails and scenic lookouts.

A short drive away and you can experience the natural beauty of Point Reyes National Seashore or Gray Whale Cove State Beach.

The closest and coolest place to explore would be the San Francisco Bay and the surrounding area.

The San Francisco Bay is the estuary that drains the water from the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, and the mountain passes in the Sierra Nevada. Considered one of California’s most important ecological habitats, the San Francisco Bay Area is full of awe-inspiring plant and wildlife. Thousands of migratory birds call these estuaries home and many people visit simply to chance a glimpse of a rare sea-bird.

There are trails, parks, boating and fishing opportunities, wildlife sighting, and much more to do in the Bay Area.

The City of San Francisco is only 40 miles away and creates a whole new experience for those looking for adventure. With local and organic eats booming on the West Coast, one of the most popular foodie destinations in the city is the Ferry Building Farmers Market.

Some personal favorites are discovering new places to have a cappuccino or a slice of pizza in Little Italy or cool little dim sum places in Chinatown. Every corner of the city holds culinary delights and new delectable experiences.

Mountain View also hosts one of the largest and best stocked farmer’s markets in California so if you like to eat fresh organic food then you do not need to wander very far at all out of the area in order to get all you need for your kitchen table.

For those who work in #MountainView there is a good chance they will be employed in the healthcare or technology sector. That’s not to say there aren’t hundreds of different types of business offering countless services but these two sectors provide most of the employment opportunities in the entire Silicon Valley.

Wealth is constantly funnelling into the area and there are always people pitching new thoughts and ideas to those willing to support them. While the city caters to entrepreneurs there are still many steady and powerful employers in the area. These are some of the top employers in the city:

1. Google – 12,000 employees
2. El Camino Healthcare – 2,994 employees
3. Symantec – 2,885 employees
4. LinkedIn – 2,810 employees
5. Intuit – 1,969 employees
6. Microsoft – 1,700 employees
7. Synopsys – 1,100 employees
8. Palo Alto Medical Foundation – 990 employees
9. Nasa Ames – 2500 employees
10. Complete Genomics – 150 employees

Even in Palo Alto, the neighbouring city, you can see the progress afforded by the quick advancement of technology and commerce in the area. This city is home to portions of the prestigious Stanford University, and holds the headquarters of HP, Tesla Motors, and many other companies.

While Silicon Valley is a beautiful area it is difficult not to pick Mountain View as my favourite city. With the ability to spend the day hiking through the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains or taking an afternoon off work to get a massage, thiswonderful city offers countless opportunities to enrich your life. The downtown is vibrant and new businesses are opening every day which keeps improving service quality throughout the city. It is hard to predict what the future will hold but for now it seems that this wonderful city is only heading in one direction – forward.