About Alex

Probodywork Massage LogoAlex has a couple dozen minor hobbies and two main jobs: he is first of all a dad and then a somatic therapist.

He tries not to do therapy on his kid nor daddy his clients. However, he does have informed beliefs on just about everything and speaks his mind fluently in Italian, French, and Spanish.

An un-average joe by all descriptions, he was born in Rome during the summer of love, raised in North Africa and the Middle East as an airline child, was college educated in the USA, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

His dubious claims to fame are:

  • surviving a Masai ambush in Kenya
  • encountering a UFO in the Swiss alps
  • studying Trager with Deane Juhan and Betty Fuller
  • being disqualified from an ice hockey team for being Italian
  • seeing the Grateful Dead when they were all still alive
  • being in the room with Pere Aristide, Dan Quayle, and Yasser Arafat at the U.N. Human Rights Conference
  • learning semi-privately from Dr. John F. Thie DC
  • shaking hands with Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins
  • throwing rice, incense, and ghee into the fire at Shiva’s temple
  • visiting Jim Morrison at Pere Lachaise and Bob Marley at Nine Mile
  • crossing the Atlantic three times on a ship
  • and fifty+ times on a plane
  • watching Archbishop Milingo refuse to lead a group exorcism because “you people create your own demons!”
  • receiving sweat lodge Inipi Wakan ceremony with Servando
  • substituting for the Byrds when they cancelled a show
  • teaching fish how to jump out of water
  • mountain biking the Big Bend from Texas to Mexico
  • riding a horse through midday traffic in Bombay
  • having his songs recorded by such greats as Django Mack and Joung-Sik Chung
  • chanting with Tibetan Lamas and meditating with Zen monks
  • dipping into every important repository of Holy Water in Rome
  • experiencing bioluminescence in the Arabian sea
  • crossing the English channel on a sailboat to experience oysters and champagne in France
  • spending two years living on the rooftops of Venice
  • friending a baby moray eel in Tahiti
  • fixing aches and pains that conventional medical approaches failed to help

  • Starting in elementary school, Alex has had the good fortune to practice the basics of Judo, Shaolin, Wing Chun, Taekwondo, Taijiquan, ROSS, Systema, and Aikido with a number of world-class benefactors but the highest rank he has personally achieved is green ie. a belt to hold his pants up.

    Although his women friends say Alex carries himself quite handsomely, he is a natural klutz due to early mercury poisoning and close-calls with immovable objects. His training and long-term self-healing work has enabled him to live normally and encounter banana-peel-moments with face-saving grace and aplomb.

    Renowned for his mild demeanor, mindful care, therapeutic intuition, and gentle bed-side manner, Alex could never hurt a fly however he does have an intensely serious side.

    He once morphed into a green hulk in order to scare off five attackers who still don’t know what hit them.

    Alex loves learning new stuff and currently devotes free time to studying HTML, ayurveda, chinese medicine, somatics, permaculture, herbalism, Paleo Diet and Gluten Free cooking.

    He loves hanging out at Makerspaces with his child and facilitating the imagination run wild.

    Often found at local playgrounds with other kids and parent friends, he welcomes any opportunity to brachiate on the monkey bars or roll in the grass.

    With his trusty iPad on hand he likes to study anatomy, compose a sonnet, or add a few paragraphs to an ebook on personal ergonomics that he hopes will revolutionize the way people recover from myofascial pain.

    Alex’s experience with massage and bodywork goes back almost twenty years and yet he charges a very accessible low price in order to keep therapy affordable for people from all walks of life.

    He is available to consult with new clients by prior appointment at his office in Mountain View, California.

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