Salutations, Offerings, And Prayers

 homage-to-mahakala-wm-72_uuuisn.jpg (715×960) all beings be free, may they be well, may they be happy. May they experience peace, safety, and joy.

Emaho! By the power of my intent to serve the public health  may my present and future blog posts help any and all sentient readers to encounter the blessing of pain and stress relief.

May my words never be misunderstood, misconstrued, taken out of context, trivialized, aggrandized, or in any way lead others into error.

May my stylistic idiosyncrasies be forgiven and ignored and may these never impede my reader’s ability to fully grok my therapeutic intent to catalyse healing.

May I choose terminology, phrasing, and grammar that is useful and  entertaining such that it invites deeper reading and further contemplation.

May my use of allegory, metaphor, parable, factoid, soundbite, colloquialism, jargon, lingo, vernacular, and obscure humour never overtly nor inadvertently evoke the negative or dark emotions.

May this blog remain secure from bugs, viruses, trolls, malware, electronic surveillance, interference,  outages, obstacles, denials of service, attacks, and malevolent intrusions of any kind.

May my servers and web hosts prosper in business and long remain in service.

May my blog remain invisible to beings afflicted by the Dark Triad yet useful to those who are tasked with caring for them directly.

May this website’s content be universally liked, shared, discussed, indexed, syndicated, blog rolled, bookmarked, and virally distributed across all digital content channels for maximum reach of my target audience.

May my links, tweets, and posts be re-tweeted and may @probodywork be favorably and widely mentioned as exemplary of useful content paired with great user experience.

May the URL receive authoritative in-bound links, climb to the top of local and global search results,

May this site ever increase in usability, load speed, quality of content, and subscriber numbers.

May bloggers, podcasters, writers, editors, journalists, opinion and thought leaders, and authority figures in this and other semantically related content niches seek out collaborative opportunities to serve the public health.

May others wish to link, advertise, guest blog, review, testify, or be featured here (or viceversa) because they find their own work to be in immediate kinship with my health and wellness spiel.

May this website generate a measurable return on investment in the form of good karma as well as the financial, technical, logistical, creative, emotional, spiritual support required for the success of my therapeutic work.

May this blog remain entertaining and useful to health seekers long after this author has gone to blog beyond the further shore.