Who else wants help with myofascial trigger point pain?

Myofascial trigger points (MTP) used to make my life miserable. This went on for years. And then I found help. Ever since then my mission has been to help people learn how to stop pain through better understanding of functional anatomy, sound nutrition, and smart fitness.

With Dr. Kaufman’s Pain Neutralization Technique informing my functional anatomy expertise from twenty years of studying and practicing swedish, sports, and deep tissue massage therapy, it now takes less than a minute for me to find a trigger point and clear it.

 I just push or pull on the relevant proprioceptor and it switches off the alarm system.

Unless the pain is active for some other reason and that is when my other alt.health training comes in handy.

Nutrition  remove anti-nutrients from your menu, resolve inflammation, and restore your vital energy.

Fitness  defeat gravity, fight entropy,  and combat postural and repetitive stress.

Bodywork restore the muscular system for the benefit of improved kinetics, circulation, immunity, digestion, and self-image.

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“I have known and worked with Alex for many years. He is tireless in his seeking out further training, and has developed a wide variety of skills and a deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology. I highly recommend him either as a teacher or a practitioner.”
— Deane Juhan