Good Massages

spa massages
are a lot of fun
like great blog posts
are available here
oh yes
that’s basic standard issue

clinical massages happen
only when clients give
this does not take much
kids can do it
“Please use your words honey…”
you can keep it short and to the point
one word is fine
just say something
to communicate
to the one
witnessing and accompanying
your process
that yes indeed
it’s all good
thank you
Carry on.

Good Morning 2015

Well hello it is a new day and a new year. Optimism is high and the future looks bright. Unfortunately the same old me has been recycled and pushed forward again as the “new” and “improved” candidate for the 2015 Best Alex I Can Be title.

How the heck is that going to work any better than it has in past years? This is why I never make New Year resolutions.

My impromptu resolutions never stick for more than the obligatory round of cheers that celebrates such well-intentioned exclamations of faith in wishful thinking.

The only resolutions that DO stick are actively re-committed to, day in day out. These efforts should then be allowed to run their course quietly uncelebrated, for strategic and tactical reasons.

It is like when you find a baby bird. They say one sould not touch it with bare hands so as not to impart predator scent to the hatchling that would cause its mother to abandon it.

If I resolve to lose weight, quit smoking, or keep my house clean? What I want to do really is resolve to NOTICE, on the spot, as the poor nutrition, stress responses , or accrual of chaos happens, and then to get present. From presence of mind comes deliberate and purposeful action.

Addictions, compulsions, afflictions, and all such behavioral nuisances may be resolved thru the help of mindfulness. Through a constant return to the present moment whose voice over might be:

1) breathe deeply
2) accomplish the task

Wishful-thinking never cleaned a refrigerator out of harmful crap nor helped one save for a rainy day. It never tidied up a closet, a pile of paperwork, or an investment portfolio.

New year resolutions are special only in the way that they do NOT work consistently. They are one-off expressions of intent unsustained by the awareness and presence to maintain them in the next moment.

The only resolution needed is to be present: whether it is for new year, old year, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Why is it so hard to be fully present? Because most of us are slightly entranced by the blinking lights. To break with conventions to which we are unconsciousy subject is an act of daring adventure, a leap into uncharted territory.

Let us attempt to make every day new, every moment fresh. Then we will be more likely to see with clear eyes that which lies ahead and that which we leave behind.

Faith in the power of presence, the search for the highest good, the self-evident truth in any given moment, is all that is needed to resolutely grow and move forward, now and in future.



My #1 Most Useful Appliance

What is the awesomest invention since sliced cabbage and pickled pork feet? The fermentation vessel. Get one today and help your kitchen grow a low-carbon footprint.

There is no doubt in my mind that washing machines are a fantastic technology and that computers are also fab. But I will tell you a secret now that may just well…shock you!

My numero uno most useful appliance vote goes to the fermentation crock-pot.

This ancient stoneware technology has in its submerged lip an air-lock which helps preserve fermenting food in a way that enhances its nutritional content.

Fermentation has been in human use for millennia for its health benefits. Here is an easy way to continue this good practice.

Trager Massage For Shoulders – Warning: May Also Help You Levitate

I just saw this in La Stampa (Italian newspaper). The paper ran another feature on Tragerwork. Dr. Milton Trager’s approach has caught on in my country.

Italians are very alternative medicine friendly. People there are in absolute awe of anything medical that also has an element of the mystical. That’s what you get for hosting the world’s largest esoteric community in one’s country.

leaving politics aside for a minute, here is a video of Tragerwork for the shoulder.

Amongst connoisseurs and devotees, it is a capital offense to name it a mere “massage” but hey, if it’s your baby you get to call it what you want. Meanwhile all the rest of you spa-going critical thinkers, decide for yourself.

Looks good yes? Feels even better.

This is Trager. Just don’t call it a massage…

What Happens When You Eat Like Crap?

Fast food
colorful stuff
you know the ones
on Rengstorff
in Mountain View?

enjoyed so much
refined sugar
and industrial fat
that I feel
like crap

fast food alert
been warned
and all that jazz
only poetry and enzymes
can heal me now
yet all i have is this ipad

to say that fast food should only be consumed
for recreational and educational purposes

A fast life
zip here
zoom there
time flies
munch this
scarf that
chow down
on the run

What a pity
no love
just blinking lights
narcotic sugars
and rancid fats

maybe it is time
to slow down
for slow food
organic nutrients
good grub
from nature’s menu
not man’s

This food may HARM your metabolism and heart

IMG_2617.JPGNutrition and fitness expert Mike Geary says that we have a problem in the pantry with foods that are harmful to our metabolism and heart.

I hope you are NOT one of the many people inadvertently eating these dangerous foods while thinking they are just fine and yummy?

Mike will identify a very common restaurant side dish that almost everyone surely eats at home a couple times a week that could be serious bad news for our health.

Is there a side dish on my table that causes heart attacks and wait…seven other common foods possibly KILLING me?

Yes. One substance has been proven in coronary artery disease to cause immediate heart attacks in some people. This is a very serious topic and unfortunately most people have no clue how risky this food is to eat.

It is imperative that the general public begin to clearly understand how the wrong food can wreak havoc to the cells in the body.

Why are foods such as whole wheat bread, canola oil, soy milk, and even energy bars causing diabetes, body fat, heart disease, and even cancer?

This vital and timely information could save lives in a time when convenient comfort foods have taken over the pantries of the land.

Food is good yes but there are particular foods that we MUST stay away from at least 95% of the time.

They are simply THAT dangerous to health.

Mike Geary explains how the side-effects of the scrumptious goodies we cannot live without are causing us to love them to death.

How To Be Crossfit?

As I understand

it is to be as able bodied


and agile as you can be

In my case the benchmark was set pretty low

on the curve

No problemo

gotta start somewhere yes?

To quote Crossfit founder Greg Glassman:

World-Class Fitness in 100 Words:
– Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.
– Practice and train major lifts: the deadlift, the clean, the squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics: pull-ups, dips, the rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstand, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast.
– Five or six days per week mix these exercises in as many combinations and patterns as creativity will allow. Routine is the enemy. Keep workouts short and intense.
– Regularly learn and play new sports.

My current crossfit program is not very kosher.

It involves raising and lowering heads, arms, and legs (8-30lbs) multiple repa a day at the office and standing around without breaking a sweat.

For gross motor work, I also carry sacks of laundry.

My fine motor workout is called:

press and fold. And play guitar.

I do sweep, mop, vacuum, cook, do dishes, make beds, clean bathrooms, and pick up junk from the floor. Doesn’t that count?

There is always more. The endless part of my workout. The cardio, if you will.

Couple times a week I hit the playground play a little soccer, badminton, shoot hoops and arrows, monkey around with brachiation or spar kungfu with a very combative training partner who gives no quarter.

For relaxation, I do yoga and taichi or get massage therapy.

Alex’s Home Gym

– a low stool
– a kettlebell
– a club
– a stick
– a table
– a corner
– a wall
– a pole
– the floor

Take my fitness classes and learn how you can have a home gym too!

Click here to schedule online!