July 2014 News

Alex is on vacation to take care of family matters and Probodywork is closed July 1st thru August 1st 2014.

My online scheduler remains open for bookings in summer and going forward into fall. Thank you for scheduling ahead. Click here to schedule an appointment.

Scheduling FAQ
Q: “Your system will not let me book the dates I want. What now?”
A: If the times/dates you require are grayed out it is probably because these are already booked or not available. Please select the next available opening.

Q: “I just scheduled online. How do I know my appointment is confirmed?”
A: If you received an automated confirmation email then your booking is confirmed. No email? Please check your spam folder and/or try again from another browser.

Q: “I need to cancel and re-schedule my appointment. How do I do this?”
A: Please search your email account for your original confirmation notice and look for the “manage appointments” link to login to Genbook. Please save your password in your keychain and bookmark the login page for future reference.

Should you require further assistance:

Contact Alex:

Voicemail (650)352-3471

Text / sms (662)947-4284

Email: my first name at the above URL

Wondering what happened to the old look? Yes I loved it too but the site kept getting hacked so after all counter-measures failed to shake the cockaroaches bugs, I deleted it.

Is this a permanent change? No-thing is permanent. Thank you for your patience while I tidy things up.

Many clients have been extremely generous in sharing their positive experiences at Probodywork. Click here to read some of my latest reviews.

Got pain? Need stress relief? Click here to schedule an appointment with Alex for late summer and fall 2014.

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