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Welcome To Alex’s Bodywork, Fitness, and Nutrition

Fitness is determined by how I react to stress, by what I eat to empower health, by the personal hygiene and ergonomic measures I apply to ward off disease and injury, and by how I move towards nutritive stimuli and away from wear and tear.

On the other hand, pain is the warning light that the Manufacturer has installed on all makes and models of the human body vehicle. As a student driver, I just have to stay focused, turn down the radio, switch off the auto-pilot, and resume active control of the journey.

Alex Frigino BA CMT, bodywork, fitness, and nutrition consultant specializing in myofascial pain relief and stress management. Blogging from Houston, Texas, USA. Appointments available online and in person. I speak English, Espanol, Francais, and Italiano. Voicemail (650)352-3471

Fitness is more than go to gym, move weights, eat paleo…

To me it is about engaging gravity every step of the way including the gravitas of my food and contact responses. Therein I believe lies the major obstacle. As an organism I simply am not programmed to seek a  global effort. Efficiency is key. But how to apply it? The place to begin study is the heavy material that is resistance itself, the mother of all “resistance exercise”.

Working out is the easy part…

If you are seeking a licensed health professional to support your journey toward a functionally fit mind, body, and spirit then ahem I am just a blogger and wellness cartoonist, NOT a doctor. If you pay me handsomely, I will try to make you laugh about your problems and re-frame them as growth opportunities.

Here are a few issues I can draw a telling picture about:

  • pain management
  • stress relief
  • self-confidence
  • body image
  • strength
  • agility
  • co-ordination
  • balance
  • speed
  • endurance
  • flow

Who else would just rather live on super foods?

People have extremely VALID reasons for feeling trapped in the Standard American Diet. The problem is what to do when you can’t avoid its omnipresence on the menu? What I learned in a lifetime of my own responses to junk food is this: I am doomed. Cake is just to good.

Papaya is a superfood in so many ways: it is rich in vitamins and minerals and enzymes. I think it tastes fantastic. Make sure to include Papaya in your Paleo diet (or any diet for that matter) but watch out not to eat too much as it is sweet. Also the proteolytic enzymes are powerful! Start with a little to test tolerance. And beware if you have latex allergy as the skin will ooze a similar sap when cut.

Just kidding. And it is true. We are doubly bound yet even to this most ghastly of obstacles there is a remedy.

  • try to forego the audio-visual channels when deciding how to compose a meal
  • access the kinesthetic channel to sense what the body needs
  • tune in mindfully.

There may be background noise  but the body does not lie.

Bodywork  for myofascial pain management and stress relief

The term bodywork describes a variety of manual therapy techniques such as those used in massage therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, traditional chinese medicine, and ayurveda.

Personal training, fitness, bodywork. massages, and paleo coaching with a focus on myofascial pain relief and stress management in Houston, Texas

Every method I have researched has its own philosophy, strengths, and limitations. This is why I have spent my twenty year career testing to see what works.

To study pain, a beginner’s mind is essential for any patient or practitioner. Otherwise we risk becoming experts in confirmation bias versus experts in discovering the truth.

I treat my own body as laboratory where I am happy to be the cavia porcellus. Everything I blog about in my posts I have witnessed on myself and in others and is thus completely anecdotal. Where I have solid evidence from peer reviewed sources, I will duly cite them at the bottom of posts.

They say that if one wishes to learn something better it is good to try to explain what is known of it already.

This is what I am setting out to do.  Before I blogged, I worked in person with people. All ages and fitness levels and from all walks of life. Each and every one taught me something therapeutically invaluable and I am very grateful.

Thank you,

Alex Frigino BA CMT – Houston, Texas